“Good things come to those who give” – Omaze.com

Image from Omaze.com – Enter to win $20,000 to Create Dream Vacation

I started My Wealth Road around the idea of wealth building, but not entirely in the financial sense. My focus is on what allows us to “fully experience life” as Thoreau puts it. Money becomes more of a means to an end, rather than the end goal. Some of my wealth goals include being appreciative and thankful for everything I have, traveling again, and giving back. I came across a platform that will help me check off at least two of these goals. And if I’m lucky all three!

“Good things come to those who give” – Omaze.com

Omaze is pretty brilliant! Seriously, check out their How We Think page. Omaze links charities with influencers, brands, and people who want to make a difference. And it’s done in a way that everyone can get involved. For as little as $10 you can enter for a chance to win once in a lifetime experiences (wealth building at its finest) while helping extraordinary charities achieve their goals.

As someone who is painfully aware of what I like to call daycare debt (interesting article on childcare costs here) and that I’m not saving enough for college right now – my first thoughts are how does giving fit in my budget? Everydollar, a budget app and personal finance blog, recommends allocating 10% of your income to giving – even when you’re in debt! I’m not sure about the 10% of my income while in debt part, but I do agree with the reasoning behind it.

“Generosity shifts the focus off of us- our problems, our financial shortcomings- and reminds us of our blessings. Contentment doesn’t come when we have enough, but rather when we see that what we have is enough.” Everydollar.com

Omaze allows you to experience the benefits of giving back for an amount that you are comfortable with and able to spend. You can make smaller donations while getting your finances in check and work your way up to 10% of your income (or even more if you can). For $10 you can enter to win a:

  • Tesla Model XP100D and $20,000 to plan your next road trip while donating to Girls Who Code.
  • Trip to NYC to walk the red carpet with The Mother of Dragons at the Final GoT premiere while donating to charities that help young adults recovering from medical trauma
  • Trip to Andrea Bocelli’s vineyard in Tuscany and front row seats to his show while donating to the causes he supports through the Andrea Bocelli Foundation (ABF).
  • $15,000 for an island getaway of your dreams or flown out for five nights at the Four Seasons Bora Bora while supporting Plastic Oceans
  • Ferrarri 488 GTB and $20,000 while supporting Folds of Honor

The chance to win vacations I can’t afford and my husbands mid-life crisis paid in cash? All while supporting a worthy cause? How did I not know about this sooner? I encourage you to research the causes in greater detail while making your donations. It will remind us to be grateful for what we have or make us happy that in some small way we helped improve someones life or even our planet! Research will also help spread recognition of the charities and their causes and you might seek to be involved in other ways. For example, donating your time. After all the definition of giving is not merely the “act of providing money for something” (Cambridge Dictionary). Giving is also “providing love or other emotional support, caring” (Oxford Dictionary).

In what ways do you give? What causes are close to your heart?