10 Reasons to be Thankful

Last month my friend and co-worker, Tanesha Poyser, hosted a vision board party. She’s a firm believer in writing down and visualizing your goals to turn dreams into reality. From now on I’ll also call her my mentor, life/accountability coach. You see, Tanesha teaches Career Pathways and Entrepreneurship. Inviting me to the vision board party was her way of supporting me with my blog and other goals. We could all use a Tanesha in our lives to help motivate and keep us on track. So be sure to follow her on Instagram @poised_with_purpose_ if you need help defining your vision and goals for 2020 and beyond.

But, before talking about our goals for the future she had us write down ten things we are currently thankful for. I started sharing my list on Instagram ten days out from Thanksgiving. Here’s a recap of my 10 Reasons to be Thankful. What are you thankful for?

1. Family

The ones who “lift me”. They are the ones who teach me God’s unconditional love. They are my support. My everything. I took Annie to see Frozen II this morning and once again loved the messages conveyed in the new Disney movie. It was over her head, but spoke directly to me. Isn’t it amazing how Disney does that? The concept of change, time slipping away, and not wanting to lose what you hold dear was a theme. But change is inevitable and out of our control, which makes it so difficult at times. In one scene, Olaf asks Anna how she’s able to not worry about any of this and so starts the song “Some Things Never Change“. There are some things that remain constant, like the love and support of our family. Thank you, Disney for making a movie and song I can reference again when Annie (or even myself) starts to worry about life’s difficult questions.

Like an old stone wall that’ll never fall, some things are always true, some things never change, like how I’m holding on tight to you.

2. Home

Frozen is a continuing theme here. As I write this recap the first winter storm is passing through and the lights just flickered on and off. I’m so thankful to have a safe place to ride out the storm – with warm beds to rest, heat, and running water. If you plan to give to charity this holiday season, check out omaze.com. Omaze is running fundraising campaigns with PATH and GivePower. These organizations help provide shelter for the homeless and access to clean drinking water and electricity. For as little as $10 you can support these causes and enter for chances to win once in a lifetime prizes – like $10k for you and a charity of choice or $100k to help buy your forever home.

3. Friends

The pick up where you left off, laugh till your belly hurts, let your guard down with kind of friends.

4. Health

I definitely take this for granted because I’m “healthy” in a sense. But there are health and lifestyle changes that would be better for me to make now, rather than later. And just as I asked for help with staying on track I spotted Your Super’s Three Month Health Journal and newly released cookbook. I thought if I journal and take notes on the healthy changes it might make me more accountable and also force me to slow down and reflect on the progress I make. See that Poyser 😉

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5-7. Travel, Food & Wine

And the fashion. Even if it’s only for me to admire from the window. If I never get to travel again I am forever thankful for the semesters I spent in Florence, Italy. It was a luxury to travel extensively throughout Italy and Europe during a short time. And a wonderful experience. When visiting Florence be sure to dine at La Giostra, Il Latini, and grab a panini at the Oil Shoppe. The leather school in the church of Santa Croce is also worth seeing between visits to Florence’s other well-known sights. I also loved our visit to Castello del Trebbio in Chianti. Fast forward seven years to find out my brother-in-law is related to the family who runs or owns the venue! As if I needed another reason to return to Italy…

8. My “Head Start”

The more people I meet and interact with as an educator, the more I read about the student loan crisis, the immigration crisis, civil wars and unrest in other parts of the world – the more I realize how much I took this for granted in my younger years. I am fortunate to have been born to hard-working parents that had success in their careers – who raised us in a safe, loving, and supportive environment and were able to pay for my college. Not everyone is dealt the same deck of cards.

9. Growth

It might also be called change, which can be scary when you’re going through it. Other times it’s just the natural progression of life and you realize you’re different. It could be the result of hard work and learning from successes and failures on our way towards a larger goal. While other times it’s a conscious effort to change and evolve our habits, lifestyle, and mindset. We’re always changing, always growing. It’s a beautiful thing.

10. Music

One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain. So hit me with music. – Bob Marley

Music has the power to calm, heal, and lift you. It brings people together. It makes you feel good. How fitting that I ended Thanksgiving weekend watching a movie with my daughter that explores the bonds of family, how we think of change, and personal growth – through music.